Friday, July 23, 2010

Life Without A Book

I've had a very busy week, so something had to take a back seat. I chose to not begin reading a new book. That sounds so easy, doesn't it? But for me, it's almost like punishment, as if something is missing in my life.

Early this morning, as I was taking my walk, I started to think about why I feel like a piece of me has floated away into the blue sky when I don't have a book in progress. I think it's most likely because reading has been one of my greatest pleasures ever since first grade.. From the days of Dick, Jane and Baby Sally all the way up to now, I've been a voracious reader. Rare is the time when I don't have a book going.

I must admit that once I began writing, my reading time was considerably less. Even so, I still made my regular trips to the library and bookstores, and I continued to read, just not at the previous pace. I still read two newspapers every day, and I manage to keep up with the few magazines I subscribe to. Then, there are the several writers newsletters I receive online every week or month, as the case may be. It's those wonderful novels, biographies and occasional nonfiction books that have had to diminish. Belonging to a Book Club has helped push me into making time to read.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Next week, we leave on vacation, and I'm taking a few books along to while away the airport/airplane travel hours. When we travel, I usually take paperbacks I purchase in Rosie's Corner, which is a used book sales area of our local library. That way, when I finish one, I leave it in a hotel room or in the library on a ship or someplace that others can enjoy them, too. And I don't have to carry them home again. Leaves more room for all those goodies we like to purchase when far from home.

I'll tell you about our upcoming trip on Monday.

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  1. I always take a book and a book light with me on vacation. Sleeping in strange beds brings on insomnia. I'm often reading during the wee hours of the morning. I just finished reading a book and am trying to decide which one to start next. Although I told myself no more books until I read the ones I have, yesterday I picked 3 out of a sale rack. Oh my...choices. ;)