Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Time

We're going to have some family time this week-end. Our daughter's 20th high school renunion starts this evening, so she and her husband will be in and out all week-end while she catches up with old friends, and Ken and I will be watching her children. Jordan is 6 1/2 and Cole, who will turn 4 next month.

They're delights to have around. No more diapers to change. No bottles to fix. They're both pretty independent. Poppy is going to take them to the bank to deposit their piggy bank savings into their savings account. Since he's on the Board of Directors, he has a bit of pull so will take the kids on a little tour, including the big vault which impresses even me. We'll also visit the Insect Zoo at the Kansas State University gardens. Cole is really into insects right now, so he'll enjoy that. Add a trip to the library and an afternoon at the pool, and that will take care of Saturday. (And most likely wear us all out!)

Sunday morning, they'll go to church with us and eat doughnuts afterward at the Fellowship Time. After lunch, they'll head back home. They live near Kansas City, and while it's only a little over two hours between our homes, we don't see one another more than once every 4-6 weeks. Busy lives on both ends.

The older we get, the more precious these family visits have become. It seems our grandchildren are growing up far faster than our own children did. We even have a teen granddaughter in Dallas and one not far away from the teen years. Maybe it seems that way because we don't see them on a daily basis or perhaps because we don't have the responsibility of these children, just reap the fun

All four of our grnadchildren have grown-up with a love of books, thanks to parents who started reading to them when they were mere infants. And who provided many books for each child to call his/her own. Their grandparents have also added to the personal library each one has.

Yep, this week-end is family time, and I'm looking forward to it. Writing can wait until Monday..

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