Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Books While Traveling

One thing I always remember to pack on any trip is an assortment of paperback books. Airports and airplanes offer the perfect opportunity for reading. It passes the time in a pleasurable way. I also like to read for a little while before bedtime when we're on a trip. It helps me relax after what is usually an activity-filled day. There's no way a reader like me could survive without a book for a full two weeks.

Looking back, I'm wondering why my parents never thought of denying me access to books when they wanted to inflict a punishment for some misdeed I'd committed. It would have been the worst type of punishment ever. I'm glad they never thought of it. Thinking back on those growing-up years, I don't remember having many punishments. Does that mean I was a perfect child? Not be a long-shot, but my parents scolded, hollered and lectured and then it was over. They seldom spanked or took favorite toys away. Couldn't deny TV privileges in my very early years because we didn't have one yet. Usually, when I was in trouble, I stayed out of sight with a book to comfort me.

I picked up a used copy of Widow of the South to take along. I'd read several reviews of this book when it was first released and put it on my mental list of Books I Want To Read, but for some reason, I never got around to this one. So, tomorrow I'll have it in hand during airport waiting time and on the planes. And I have three more books in my luggage. Better to leave two shirts at home and take the books!

I will be posting at Writer Grannys World again when we return. So make a note to check back on August the 10th. Au revoir til then.

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