Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Story Call--But Hurry

Note:  Yesterday I wrote about the possible demise of the Big 12 college sports conference and the sports writers who have written hundreds of thousands of words about the situation. Last night, the conference was saved by one school making a decision to stay. Texas holds the reins for the southern division, and where they go, so go the rest. Now, on to today's posting.

I received a call for stories for a new book that Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers are working on. They publish a Christmas story book on an annual basis, and this year's will be released in October, but now they are working on a second Christmas story book for this year. I have pasted the story call below for anyone who has a Christmas story to send in. Please note that they term this book "potential" which sounds to me like they will only publish it if they get enough worthwhile submssions. So, start looking through your files or whip up a new Christmas story as the deadline is less than a month away. And remember to go to the website and check and recheck the story guidelines. They are very clear on what is wanted and what is not. Make sure your story fits the guidelines.



Everyone loves Christmas and the holiday season. We reunite scattered family members, watch the wonder in a child's eyes, and feel the joy of giving gifts. The rituals of the holiday season give a rhythm to the years and create a foundation for our lives, as we gather with family, with our communities at church, at school, and even at the mall, to share the special spirit of the season, brightening those long winter days.

Our Christmas Magic book has been completed and will be released in October, 2010. If you already submitted a story for that book title please do not submit the SAME story again - we already have it even if it is not being used in Christmas Magic and it will be considered for this extra Christmas book. If you have a NEW story that you would like to submit to us for this extra book, please do. Please make sure that your stories are "Santa Safe" as we do not want to spoil the magic for anyone. This book should delight every reader from the very young to the young at heart.

Your stories and poems should be of no more than 1,200 words, should be true and written in the first person. Stories should not have been previously published by Chicken Soup for the Soul or other major publications.

Here are some suggested topics, but we know you can think of many more:

The True Meaning of Christmas
Holiday Traditions
Memories of Christmas
The Love of Family
Holiday Humor
Gift Giving
Eat, Eat, Eat... and Be Merry
Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child
Here Comes Santa Claus

... and any other stories you would like to share

If your story is chosen, you will be a published author and your bio will be printed in the book if you so choose. You will also receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth more than $100. You will retain the copyright for your story and you will retain the right to resell it.

SUBMISSIONS GO TO http://chickensoup.com/

Select the Submit Your Story link on the left tool bar and follow the directions.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I actually submitted one for the first book, but didn't hear anything, so maybe I can come up with another.