Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haiku For Kids--A New Market For Writers

I discovered a great new kids' magazine this morning. It's called Blueberry Haiku. The first quarterly issue can be found at  You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

The twenty-page magazine is nicely done with most of the pages devoted to individual haiku poems written by students and school classes. I think this magazine will be a good teaching tool for classroom teachers this next school year. Along with the many haiku poems, there are a few pages with articles devoted to the subject of haiku. One gives directions on how to make a haiku journal. Again, teachers would find these non-fiction articles to be of merit.

I was amused by some of the poems and rather amazed at the quality and dept of others. Sometimes we don't give kids enough credit for the creative things they do. These poems are certainly an example of kids using their minds for something positive, not sitting in front of a computer playing games.

Oh sure, they're all going to do that, too.I do it myself sometimes. Right now, I'm hooked on a Lufthansa Airline game that tests my geography knowledge. Go ahead and give it a try, but be forewarned that it's addictive!

It appears to me that they only accept poems from students and classes, but if you're interested in submitting an article to this new magazine, go to and read the guidelines so you know what they are looking for. It does not mention payment, but since it is a brand new publication, I'm guessing there is none. Still, it's a credit to your writing file.

do you like haiku
try, write a new one each day
i bet you can't stop


  1. I have a poet I think will enjoy visiting your recommended site. Thanks!

  2. Thanks BJ. I do write about poetry off and on because I've enjoyed writing poems and have had some (limited) success with that genre.

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for mentioning Berry Blue Haiku! I did want to clarify one thing, although we are now accepting submissions from students, the poems appearing in our premier issue were all (as far as we know) by adult authors. We accept submissions from both adults and students.

    And although we don't pay for haiku at the moment, we do pay for articles.

    Gisele LeBlanc

  4. Appreciated your comment, Gisele, and the clarification as to who can submit poems. It's a really lovely new magazine, and I wish you a very long run with it.

  5. Thank you, Nancy!

    We love getting feedback from our readers. :)

    Gisele LeBlanc