Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Conference Program

In last Friday's post, I wrote about our English member hoping to be able to fly to the USA for our conference this week. As of yesterday, she  learned she couldn't leave England for at least a week, thanks to the volcanic ash situation. Desperately disappointed, she and her travel companion left London and went back home to nurse their sorrow. I feel disappointed for her. Fi is a wonderful writer, has one of the most creative minds I've ever come in contact with. And she was to be a presenter at two of our sessions. Someone else will no doubt step in and fill the space, but I'd been lookng forward to Fi's presentation.

Our sessions program looks to be most interesting. A list of the titles of each are below:

1.  Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk:  Scripting--A way to develop better dialogue skills for fiction and creative nonfiction through guided informal improvisations
2.  The Secret Life of Word:  tips and tricks for more effective computer use
3.  Self-publication on the Amazon Kindle: It's not as scary as you thought
4.  (3 person panel--including me) Blogging 101:  Everything We Know About Why and How To Blog.
5.  Change Your Thinking--Change Your Life
6.  Revising/Re-visioning Your Noffiction Work
7.  Fiction Revision:  Love It? Hate It? Doesn't Matter. Do It!
8.  Poetry:  Reflections on the Soul Mirror
9.  Elements of Storytelling
10.  Mining Your Dreams For Gems
11.  Out and About:  How to get more from the places you go. Strategies for expanding and enlivening the uses of settings in your writing. A practical workshop involving guided exploration of your physical surroundings.
12.  Your Life--Your Goals

These 12 sessions will be spread over 2 1/2 days (Thurs, Fri, Sat). They sound terrific, and I feel certain I'm going to come home inspired to write.

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