Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beware of March Bugs

Venturing into my personal world today instead of the writing world. Ken and I had a winter with no illnesses of any kind. We'd both had the seasonal flu vaccine and I had the H1N1, too. He said he didn't think he needed that one. I also convinced him that we needed to be diligent about handwashing. He agreed, but I think my hands saw more scrubbings than his. So, we went merrily through the cold and snowy winter enjoying good health.

And then, the March bugs found us. We went to Kansas City last week on Tuesday to attend a favorite dinner/theater. Before we reached our hotel, the bug hit Ken smack in the head. No sore throat, no gradual coming on, just wham! He was congested and had a headache and a slight cough. We went to the theater anyway and came on home the next day where he proceeded to get worse each day. Fever, chills, horrible coughing jags. I tried to doctor him with over the counter meds and nothing was helping. So yesterday, he saw our doctor with a diagnosis of flu and sinus infection. Three meds to take. Is it the H1N1? We'll never really know, but it seems a possibility to me since he did have the seasonal flu shot. Even though it does not cover all viruses. It doesn't matter what kind of flu it is. They're all out to make you miserable.

A few days after the big bug hit Ken, a little bug got me. I have nothing more than some congestion in my throat and some occasional hoarseness, occasional coughing. And it never seems to get any worse but also doesn't go away.

We're always glad to see March come as it signals the end of winter, but be aware there are lots of bad March bugs out there waiting to pounce. Keep washing your hands!

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