Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Family Birthday

Yesterday, our granddaughter turned fourteen. Alexis lives in Texas, is on the cheerleading squad at her Middle School, and serves as editor of the school newspaper. She's a busy person and always has been.

She's been a bright spot in our lives ever since the day of her birth--our first grandchild. She opened the door for a whole new world for Ken and me. And what a wonderful world Grandparenthood is. Our son, Kirk, called us on a Friday evening with the good news of the birth, and by 7 a.m. the next morning, we were on our way to St. Louis to meet her.

All my grandchildren are very special, each birth to be kept in a  memory bank like most grandparents have. That account began when we walked into the hospital room where Amy and the new baby were resting. After greeting our son and daughter-in-law, I peered into the face of a perfectly beautiful child, picked her up and held her close to me. I knew holding her would be a memorable moment, but I never realized how overwhelming it would be. Emotion swirled and bubbled up as I thought about the fact that this was the child of my child. My father had passed away only months earlier, and here was a sign that our family would continue on. That her middle name is my maiden name made it all the more evident.

Watching Alexis grow from infant to toddler to preschooler to grade school and middle school student has been a journey of joy. Next year, she begins high school, and no doubt, she will continue her good academic progress, her involvement in extracurricular activities, having fun with her friends and making time for her family both near and far. She'd like to be a professional writer someday, and I feel sure she will reach that goal.

She told me on the phone yesterday that she was having a good birthday and looking forward to a special dinner her mom was making. I hope all her birthdays will be good ones and may she always stay the nice person she is today.

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  1. And she is so blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother who loves her so completely! Oh, this story brought tears to my eyes! It's a special kind of magic, then, becoming a grandparent! I'm looking forward to the same experience some day!