Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's OK To Brag When...

We brag a lot in my online critique group. That sounds like a bad thing, doesn't it? But we consider it good. When someone has her writing published, she sends an e-mail to the group with "OT:  Brag" in the subject line. OT stands for Off Topic, and the Brag alerts us that the e-mail is going to contain good news.

The message that a submissin to an editor has been accepted or that a piece the author has worked on for a long time has been published is cause for rejoicing among the rest of us, and we often send a cyber pat on the back. The person doing the bragging has shared a piece of good news, and the rest of us feel the joy.

We also share in her pleasure because we are familiar with the writing since most of us have read it and several have critiqued it to help the author make it a marketable entity.

That brag serves another purpose, too. It is a source of encouragment for the rest of the writers in the group. It gives us a She did it, so can I attitude.

Years ago, several in the group were reluctant to send the brag notices, felt like they were, well--bragging. But there's a distinct difference in strutting your stuff and lording over the others and this type of sharing  good news. It's OK to brag as long as the purpose is to share your success story and to encourage others.

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