Monday, January 4, 2010

Followers and Comments

Today feels like the real beginning of the new year. The holidays are over, and we're all moving back into a more normal routine again. It feels rather good after a full month of fun and games along with that bit of holiday stress we all experience along the way.

Two topics to cover here today: Followers and Comments

Followers of a blog are people who have clicked on the little Follower widget. They can choose to follow publicly or privately. Bloggers are encouraged when they see the list of Followers, but there are far many others who read the blog regularly but never sign on as a Follower. That, of course, is their choice. Or some may do it not realizing they can become a follower or are not sure if it will obligate them to something. It obligates you to nothing. It's still your choice as to whether to read a posting or not. But the blog writer would love to know what her/his readership is. There may be dozens or hundreds more reading than those who are Followers. Signing on as a Follower is a kindness to the blogger. Many have mentioned to me that they read Writer Granny's World regularly, but I have no way of knowing that if it isn't mentioned.

Comments section follow each posting. It gives the reader an opportunity to agree or disagree with what has been posted, add a personal illustration from their own experience, or compliment (maybe criticize) the writer. It can be a bit daunting the first time you attempt to make a comment. You need to use an account like Google or sign on as anonymous. There are several choices in the dropdown menu. Then you might have to copy some words for the security situation and finally click on Post Comment. Some people just won't take the time to do all that, even though it is only a matter of seconds to do so. Once you've done it, the next time is easy. Again, anyone who writes a blog appreciates comments. And for those who follow in a regular basis, you might want to check back on recent postings to see if there are any comments. They can be interesting reading.

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