Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Year's Night

New Year's Eve today, and I keep wondering how it got here so fast. The months have slipped by on eagles' wings, or so it seems. Our friends in South Africa refer to December 31st as Old Year's Night. There's something about that which is more appealing than New Year's Eve.  Although this is the night before the new year begins, it's still technically the old year--the final day..

Tonight we finish what was begun twelve months ago and look toward the brand new year of 2010. Wasn't it only yesterday that we were all worried about what might happen in our world as we slipped into the twenty-first century on January 1st, 2000?

It's time to set some objectives for this coming year. Note that I didn't use the word resolutions as it seems to be the rule that a resolution made is a resolution soon broken. Maybe if we say objective instead, we can keep working toward it. Whether you're a writer or a reader or neither, make a mental list of the things you'd like to accomplish this next year. Maybe you want to make it a written list so you can refer to it now and then. I think the key to being successful with the list is to keep it short. Make it too long, and you're soon overwhelmed.

I wish you all a Happy Old Year's Night and may 2010 bring you peace within your heart and soul, good health which we must never take for granted, and as much joy as you can handle.

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