Friday, December 18, 2009

It'll Wait

Writers get ideas at the strangest times.--washing dishes, taking a shower, standing in the grocery check-out line. Thoughts come flooding into your mind and you want to sit down immediately and write the essay, article or story. But besides being writers, we’re wives, mothers, grandmothers, full-time employees and more. The everyday parts of our lives squeeze out the writing thoughts many times.
It’s even more difficult at holiday time. We add  to our already hectic schedules. Take all the normal things you do, then toss in writing Christmas cards and letters, baking, shopping, special parties and programs, and the time for developing those writing thoughts gets smaller and smaller. What to do?

When an idea for a story comes, write it down somewhere. Keep a running tab of ideas in a place where you can add to it as needed. Then, in January when the snow blows and the temps are frigid, you can go down your list and develop the ideas one by one. But do write them down. If you don’t, they may evaporate so fast, you’ll never find them again.

Keep that list of new ideas going all year long. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, remember a dream and it triggers a story idea. Write it down immediately, or it might gly away on angel wings, never to be seen again.

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