Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blizzard of 2009

Next year, The Christmas Blizzard of 2009 will be only a memory, a story to tell. But right now, we're living it. Blizzard conditions require lots of wind with the snow, and we certainly did have the winds--35-50 mph last night. It literally howled as it blew through our state. The high winds, of course, create big snowdrifts. The TV weatherpeople were warning motorists last evening to not try to drive through the drifts.

We watched the reports and heard about many accidents involving people who must have felt they absolutely had to get somewhere. I have a feeling they wished they'd stayed home instead. That's what we will be doing today--staying home. We had planned on being with our daughter and her family and her in-laws, but they live 90 miles away, and in this kind of weather, it's insane to even think of going. We'll go tomorrow, or maybe one day next week. We'll have our gift exchange, some food and drink, some chatter and laughs, and it will be just like it might have been today. Just a little delay.

Christmas is being together with those you love, and it doesn't matter what day that happens. We spent last week-end in Dallas with our son's family. It was days before Christmas, but we opened gifts, had a special dinner and enjoyed being with the four people there whom we love dearly. Christmas is in your heart, and it can happen on December 25th or any other day.

We will be thinking of all our family today and wishing a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the miracle of Christ's birth today.

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