Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not What I Planned For Today

Some days don't turn out as planned. And this has been one of them It's only half over, so I shudder to think what the remainder of the day will bring.

I was working at the computer a little after 9:30 this morning, waiting for a friend to come over. She's having a problem with a brand new washer which is the same brand as my new one. She says it's so noisy she can hardly stand it. She was coming over to have a 'listening' session in my laundry room. Not too many of us entertain in the laundry room, but she wanted to compare the sound before the service people came to her house on Friday.

The phone rang just as I was answering an e-mail regarding a football ticket we are trying to sell. "Where are you?" were the words that met me when I answered? "We're all waiting for you." came next.

I'd forgotten that I was to meet my marathon bridge partner at our opponent's house this morning. No, I didn't really forget. For some reason, my mind told me today was Wednesday, and I knew we played on Thursday morning. I promised I'd be right over. No more time to work on selling that ticket!

But first, I had to call the woman coming over to 'listen' to my washer and cancel. I grabbed a sweater and my purse and flew out the door. Luckily, the house I headed for was only a couple minutes away.

We played our marathon match, and my partner and I lost. Seemed appropriate for this day.

Next on the agenda is working at the hospital gift shop all afternoon, then home to pack for a five day trip we start tomorrow. Are you getting the picture? There is going to be no writing done today. And there may be no lunch as I'm using that time to write the blog entry.

We all have days like this now and then. Days when what you plan on doing somehow never materializes. The best solution is to go to bed that night and start all over again the next morning. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a whole lot better.

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