Monday, November 23, 2009

More Good News in November

November has been a very good month for my writing world. Six of my stories, essays and articles have been published and today, number seven has come out at Long Ridge Writers Newsletter. A banner month!

This new article is on advice to writers, both beginners and those who have been writing for some time. It's to encourage writers to send out their work to an editor. Stories that build up in your file gather dust and mold unless you market them. There's no doubt that it's pretty scary to start sending your work to an editor. You risk rejection which causes frustration and feelings of depression. But it can also reap benefits. You can see your work in print, cash the check, and turn those feelings into ones of satisfaction. Take a chance and send something to an editor today.

I was fortunate to be in a writers group in my early days of writing that had a leader who harped constantly about sending work out. And that is exactly the subject of "It Pays To Listen." You can read it at

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