Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Helping Hands

Writers tend to help other writers, and so bloggers do the same for one another. You may remember my post featuring author, Jennie Helderman, which appeared here on October 12.. Jennie has started blogging, and one of the features she is planning to use is to have a Guest Blogger occasionally.

Guess who is her first Guest Blogger? Yep, me. I was very pleased when she asked me to take the lead on this feature of her blog. She gave me three categories to choose from for a topic. I could make comments on anything, something pertaining to writing, or an excerpt from something I'd written. Something about writing seemed the one that reached out to me.

I wrote about writers needing to send their work to an editor if they want to be published. You can read it at at the November 18th posting.

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