Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Countdown To Turkey Day

Is there such a thing as Thanksgiving Eve? If so, this is it! The countdown is almost finished, as tomorrow is the big day for families to watch the Macy's Christmas Parade, eat, watch football, eat, spend time together, eat, reminisce, and eat. Along with all that, most of us will silently count our blessings, or maybe voice them to all.

As for me, many of my blessings will be seated around our table, opened to accomodate all ten of us. But before that happens, I still have some cooking to do and a turkey to pick up. I ordered a fresh turkey so no hassle with wondering if it is really thawed or not. The salads are made, appetizers done, cinnamon rolls raising and soon to go in the oven.

Our family will arrive mid to late afternoon, Our quiet house will burst with activity and chatter the minute they walk in the door amid hugs and kisses and dogs jumping around with the same excitement. I'm looking forward to every minute of the 3+ days they will be here. And giving thanks for having two refrigerators to hold all the soft drinks, adult beverages and food.

One of our Czech exchange students will join us on Thanksgiving Day, and I'm excited to have her experience a truly American holiday.

I'm going to take a break from the blog until the holiday week-end is over. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember to write down those family stories you hear around your table.

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  1. A quick stop to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy. Enjoy!

    Gobble, gobble!