Monday, November 9, 2009

Choose One

This past week-end, Ken and I atteneded the annual meeting of the Children's Christian Concern Society.( ). This year the meeting was held in St. Louis at the Lutheran Seminary where board members and many spouses gathered to continue the work of the organization, which supports Christian education in underdeveloped countries around the world. On Friday evening, the Projects Director gave her report. Sandy mentioned writing grants a number of times. I also watched Brenda as her fingers flew across the keys of her laptop recording the minutes.

It struck me that there are so many different kinds of writing. Neither one of these women would claim to be a writer, but they defintiely are. They don't write to have work published in magazines, newspapers or online. But they do write. Sandy's grant writing definitely requires a  skill, as do Brenda's minutes. As I looked around the room, and I noticed Angela, who writes the newsletters the group sends to donors all across the United States. Her talent and skill is evident in the fine publication she creates.

In that meeting,, there were four kinds of writers--me and three others. And the writing we four do is only  part of the writing world. There are people who write advertising copy, newspaper journalists,  greeting card writers, journalists who write copy for news shows on TV, and the many who write newsletters for myriad organizations. Scientists write research papers, educators write textbooks, and professors must write classroom materials. There are comedy writers who keep comedians in business.

Whenever you see a printed word, know that someone wrote it. If you want to be a writer, there are many paths to be taken.

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