Sunday, October 11, 2009

Share Your Gift

The sermon at church today centered around greed and not sharing your worldly possessions with the less fortunate. It got me to thinking about another way we can share, one that is personal, not monetary.

Each of us has been given certain gifts, things we are good at or perhaps excell in. Singers, dancers, award winning bakers, the ability to make people feel at ease,--these are only a few. Writers, too, have a gift, and it's one I think we should share in every way we can.

Having our work published is only one way. Yes, it's wonderful to be published in a major magazine or newspaper where thousands read the words we've written. But there are other ways to share the gift of writing.

Writers can help those  who want to develop writing skills. There are any number of community programs that offer classes in various things, and writing is usally one of them. Use your talent as a writer to teach others. Go to a senior center or independent living center and guide seniors in writing memoirs or a series of family stories. And you don't have to wait to be asked. Volunteer!

When organizations you belong to need a program, who do they often turn to? Yep, you the writer. You may get a little tired of always being asked, but it's also a way to share your gift. Offer to help with newsletters of groups you belong to, as well.

Yes, it takes time to share with others. Maybe it takes away precious writing time, but you can balance the two with some thought and organization. Use your talent, don't hide it under a bushel basket. Share your gift with others. I have a feeling you'll end up receiving more than you give.

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