Friday, October 30, 2009

A Payoff and An Announcement

A couple months ago, I sent an essay, appropriate for Veterans Day, to a Kansas City area senior newspaper. The editor wrote back immediately saying she wanted to publish it in the November issue, but...

Oh-oh, I thought, here it comes. What would follow that "but?" Her letter went on.  ...but we may have to cut the size of the November issue due to low advertising revenue, so I can't promise anything.

I was left with two choices. Leave the essay with the editor on the premise that it might be published, or move on to another market. I decided to leave it and hope for the best.

Yesterday, a check arrived in the mail from the Johnson County Treasurer. At first, it baffled me as I have no dealings with Johnson County in any way. Then it hit me--the check was for the amount that The Best of Times newspaper pays, so they must be backed by the county and run expenses etc through the Treasurer's office. Which all boils down to the happy fact that my essay  will be in the November issue, and that pleases me very much. I'm looking forward to finding the newspaper in my mailbox one day soon.

This time, it paid to leave the submission with the editor, hoping for the best. Once again, I've learned that patience is a major plus in the writing world. After the newspaper is released, I'll post the essay here for readers of the blog.

Now, for the announcement. I've decided to cut the blog to a Monday through Friday schedule. So watch this space for the next entry to be on Monday, November 2nd.

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  1. Oh yes, one needs patience to be a writer for sure. Editors and publishers are on a WHOLE other time schedule. Congrats Nancy! Will you post a link to it when it comes out?