Friday, October 2, 2009

No Time For Writing

Sometimes my writing world takes a back seat, and today is one of those times. The hospital auxiliary in our town has a very large Craft Fair for two days. The ladies group at my church has a booth where they sell baked goods, and I'll be working there from 10 to 2 today. But first, I'll be at the fair at 9 a.m. to cruise through and see if there is something I cannot live without. Doubtful!

I enjoy working at the booth during this annual event as I see so many people I know. It's a great time to catch up on who has been doing what. And even though it's not a writing day, it's a day filled with stories of all kinds.

Each vendor has a story. Some of them come from a long distance while others live in town. Some bring spouses with them. The people who attend the fair all have stories, too. And before the day is out, I know I'll hear a lot of those stories. They'll stay in my memory bank to be pulled out at some future date when my writing world takes over.

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