Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Writing

I've had many benefits as a writer, but one of the nicest ones is reading other writers' work and having a real appreciation of what has gone into the story or essay. Sometimes, I find a book or essay that moves me emotionally, appeals to me as terrific entertainment, or speaks to me with its lyrical prose.

It's then that I add the writer to my list of those I admire. I know that they put time and effort into the writing along with the skill they've acquired.

Not everyone who writes can bring out emotion in their readers. The ones who do go on to publish over and over, and their readers clamor for more.

Not every writer can tell an entertaining story. The ones who can keep the reader turning page after page, anticipating what comes next, are writers who continue to be published.

Not every writer can claim lyrical prose. Some who aim for it end up overdoing it, and their prose ends up being sickeningly sweet or too flowery. They decide that if one adjetive is good, three makes it better. The insightful writer realizes that one good adjetive is best, and they have the ability to make the words sing.

When I read a book that is filled with that 'good' writing, I feel very satisfied and slightly in awe of the person behnd the story. The next time you read a really good book, step back and analyze why it appealed so much. What was it about the writing that pleased you?

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