Thursday, September 24, 2009

Join A Writers Organization

One of the best ways to open up the writing world is to join writers' groups of all kinds. Many states have a state writers organization. I've belonged to the Kansas Authors Club for probably ten years or more.

They meet once a year at convention time, but each of the six districts within the state have more frequent meetings. A dedicated group of people, who serve on the state board and as officers, send notices of interest throughout the year, gather news of writing accomplishments from members and publish it on their website. They sponsor a statewide contest annually with several categories for both prose and poetry. Cash prizes are awarded to winners.

I've met people I might never have had the opportunity to know otherwise. My life is richer because of  knowing these many accomplished writers and yet-to-be published writers. We have a common interest, even though we all come from different paths in life.

At meetings, we swap marketing tips,  listen to speakers of various phases of writing, and have Read-Arounds which affords an opportunity to share stories we've written.

Five years ago, an anthology featuring work from members of the group was published to celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of Kansas Authors. Must be something right about a group that goes on for so many years. It's called Our Way With Words.

I would urge all writers, published or unpublished, to check out local or state writers organizations and sign up. Doing so will expand your writing world.

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