Monday, September 21, 2009

The National Quarterly--Fall Issue Online

Fiction, Culture, Politics and Humor--that's what it says on the masthead of a an online magazine that debuted this summer. The fall issue can be read at  Add a little poetry and a bit of entertainment nostalgia, and you have a pleasurable read.

The new issue features a fine fiction story called "The Principal of Rivington Street" by Henry Mazel, who is one of the founding editors at the magazine, or should we say, 'ezine?' I met Henry online at the OurEcho site where we have both posted our work. He and a group of friends started The National Quarterly, hoping to publish an ezine that had something of interest in many areas. It's not a step to be taken lightly. It's hard work and a lot of holding the breath to see how it is received.

Gaining readers for a new publication also takes work. Spread the word is the motto needed, so I'm asking that you take a look at the fall issue at the link above. Besides the fiction story, you'll find an article by me about eating in pubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland, along with some poetry, a piece about Fidel Castro and a restaurant critic in New York, and an article on healthy eating written by a doctor.

I think you'll like what you see. Check the Archives link on the front page to read the earlier issue, too.

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