Thursday, September 10, 2009

Color Me Frustrated Today

Computer woes foster frustration, and I have Frustration in a big way today with my main computer. The one with a zillion files and pictures saved on it, the one with all my writing records on it, the one that basically holds my life on it. I have a back-up system but I need the computer to access it.

Yesterday, it suddenly started turning itself off after I'd finished working on it and left. I'd turn it back on again, and it would be fine, until I left and off it went. Then this morning, I turned it on and it turned itself off before I could even bring up my e-mail. Do computers get Swine Flu?

I am fortunate to have a laptop as back-up, but it doesn't have all those files on it. I use it mostly when I travel.

Last night I sent an editor a group of pictures I'd scanned to go with an article he is buying. Glad I did it then as I have no idea how to hook up my laptop to the printer.

So, color me frustrated today!

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