Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kindergarten Kid

Today is Jordan's first day of 'real school' as averse to the daycare 'school' she's attended for a long time. Jordan is granddaughter number three, and she's been waiting impatiently for months to begin kindergarten. As fate would have it, she missed it last year by only six weeks. The powers that be in our state say that you must be five by September 1st, but her birthday is October 15th, so that meant one more year of daycare.

Daycare is fine. In fact, they have a structured program that teaches the pre-schoolers a whole lot. Far more than if they were parked in front of a TV all day. They also learn how to get along with other kids in a group situation, form friendships, and figure out how to be mischief-makers now and then.

When Jordan came to stay with us for a few days last month, we went to the mall to find something new to wear to school. She chose a Hello Kitty denim skirt which made the perfect complement to the Hello Kitty shirt we'd bought her in Strasbourg, France earlier in the summer. Since pink is her favorite color, I picked that color for her shirt, and she and her mom found a pink backpack and pink shoes, too.

Her daddy sent a picture this morning of our schoolgirl all decked out in her new denim and pink outfit. I flashed back to so many other pictures he's sent over the years from the time she was only a cuddly infant to a toddler to a pre-schooler and now our Kindergarten Kid. I hope we have a long time before the prom picture arrives.

Happy first day of real school, Jordan. Love from Grandma and Poppy.

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  1. Hi Nancy!!!

    What a nice surprise to see you on blogger! We have been having thunderstorms all day, so I haven't been online. I just saw your comment a bit ago.

    Jordan is adorable in her Hello Kitty outfit. She is a lovely little girl. Being a granny is so much fun, isn't it?

    I am going to put your blog on the list of blogs I follow. I'll be back to check out more posts.

    Again, it was good to hear from you. Now you need to join Facebook as well. That is so much fun. Lots of writers on there, too.

    Until next time, take care!