Sunday, August 16, 2009

Increasing My World

One of the best things about the years in which I have been writing is the increasing numbers of friends I've made. I say 'increasing' because it seems to go on at a regular pace. Thanks to the tremendous technology we have today, it's possible for me to get to know other writers around the globe.

It's surprising how very well you can know someone without ever having met them face to face. My online writers group is for women only, and besides many in the USA has members who live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, England, Shanghai, Italy and Norway. All from different countries but all with the same goal in mind--to write and publish. A variety of personalities, as well, which adds to the critique group, for each of us looks at a piece of writing from different perspectives.

Submitting and critiquing is the main aim of this group, whose membership is by invitation only, but one of the side benefits are the many friendships that develope along the way. There have been two conferences that a good many of the members have attended, and those in-person meetings have only made he bonds stronger.

Had it not been for my writing, I'd never have met any of these women. They've enriched my writing world and my personal one, too.

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