Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being on TV and Happy Birthday

Yesterday I mentioned that I didn't get really nervous when I'd been a guest on the news show previous times. No sweaty palms or palpitations, and that was true. But late yesterday morning a little pink butterfly started chasing a blue butterfly in my stomach. Round and round they went, and I couldn't quite figure out why. They'd quiet down for a little while, then rev up and swirl madly for a couple of minutes. Once I'd gotten ready and in the car, the butterflies flew right out the window, and I felt fine.

Ralph Hipp has a gift. He is able to put guests at ease. I felt like I was talking only to him, never conscious of the cameraman. Ralph asked me a few questions about my own teaching career and my writing. One thing he wanted to know was how long it was between the time I taught and when I began writing. I taught third and fourth grades and emotionally disturbed children in my twenties but quit when my own children came along. The writing didn't begin until I reached my mid-fifties, so there was a long stretch in-between. Did I think about writing during those years? You bet I did. It was something I always wanted to do but kept putting off because I allowed Life to get in the way. And yes, I do wish I'd started writing earlier.

I read the story, "To Touch A Child" and summarized the other one, "The Promise" When the camera cut away and a commercial came on, Ralph bade me farewell and said he'd look forward to my returning for another visit. So, maybe I need to get busy and sell some more stories to anthologies so I'll get invited back.

The Happy Birthday part of today's post is for our only grandson, Cole. Cole blessed our family with his presence three years ago today. That's Cole in the picture above. He looks so much like Ken at the same age. As his mom says, "It's almost scary!" Nothing scary about the sweet little boy though. Saturday we will gather with his other grandparents and godparents at his house to celebrate his special day with balloons, cake, and presents. I can see his eyes shining now. Happy, Happy Birthday Cole from Grandma and Poppy.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I had the same problem when I was interviewed live on TV, but the hostess, Diana Davis of KAIT TV, was so gracious, that I forgot all about being nervous and did quite well, I have been told. Then when I was asked to read in front of 300 school children, I was petrified, but once I began to read, I relaxed. They seem to have enjoyed it and gave me a big hand.

    Like you, I began writing late in life. I was 60. I thought about it a lot, before then, but never had enough time. Now I wish I had taken the time. But at least begin I did!

    Happy birthday to your cute little grandson! I hope he has a wonderful special day.

    Have a good day as well.