Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Small Writer's Conference Was A Success

Writing Conference 2017

After a long day of delayed flights, I am home from my online writing group conference held in Algonkian Regional Park on the banks of the Potomac River. Only 20 minutes from Dulles airport, it's a perfect spot for a small group conference. 

Three came from Japan, two from Canada, and the rest from various parts of the USA--from Seattle to South Carolina and states in-between. Among them were poets, novelists, essayists, those who write for kids and young adults. 

We had three days of sessions presented by the talented women in attendance. They ranged from computer info to character development to ghost writing to ekphrastic poetry to creative nonfiction to writing reviews to blogging and photography and more. Writing exercises were sprinkled throughout the presentations. I hope to share some of what was gifted to us with you. And yes, I do consider what these women gave as a 'gift.' 

We had wonderful meals prepared for us by a great southern cook who does this for us at every conference out of the goodness of her heart. She is also a computer expert, giving two sessions on various computer issues. The last evening, appreciation gifts were given to Nita and our group moderator and her husband who do so much work to coordinate the whole event. Nita's fun gift was an apron that suited her well, for she truly is a Wonder Woman in the kitchen and at the keyboard, as well as other ways. That's me in the purple to the right in this photo of Wonder Woman. 

Our very own Wonder Woman

The large conferences who have celebrity speakers from the writing world are just fine but they are a bit impersonal and those shy, introverted people don't get as much as they should in mingling with and conversing with other writers. At a small conference like this, there was no chance of the more introverted people being left in a corner. They were drawn into the group with love by others who wanted to get to know them better and to glean whatever they could about each person's writing world. Try both kinds of conferences. I guarantee you'll get something out of each one but, for me, this small conference is tops. 


  1. Could not agree more Nancy~the days are filled with sessions where we can share and doesn't stop while having dinner. WAC sisters forever!

  2. Thank you, Dianne. It was wonderful to meet you in person, not just online.