Thursday, October 11, 2012

Musing on Inspiration

I wonder sometimes if, as writers, we struggle too hard to find that perfect story to write. Do we try to find inspiration at every corner we turn? Maybe we are overly conscious when it comes to finding inspiration. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we woke up every morning inspired to write a great story, article or poem? Yes, but not very realistic. One way I get inspired is to attend writing seminars or conferences like the one I went to last week-end. Listening to the workshop leaders often makes me want to hurry home and start writing. Same thing after having many conversations with other writers. But we can't attend this kind of event on a weekly basis, or even monthly. It's an occasional occurrence. 

Rare is the day I bring my cup of tea or coffee to my office, sit at the computer and inspiration comes floating right into my lap. Not only rare, it's a never-gonna-happen kind of thing. Inspiration cannot be brought forth with the snap of your fingers. Search too hard and you may never find it.

The quote above is filled with wisdom. All the inspiration you need is within you. It may be buried so deep that it's pretty difficult to find and pull to the surface. The Be silent and listen part of the quote cautions us but also gives us hope. If we don't try so hard, if we let inspiration appear naturally, we're going to continue writing on a regular basis.

When I take long walks by myself, I often think of a story I want to write. I'll plan it mentally as I traverse the walking trail near our home. I'm quiet and I listen to the birdsong, the rustling of leaves on the trees, or the crackling sound they make as I walk through leaves that have already fallen. Among the gentle sounds of nature, I've found inspiration many times. Find a quiet place that is pleasing to you. Listen carefully to what's inside you. Just let it happen.

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