Perfectly Positive Writers

I missed posting yesterday because my one month old laptop offers nothing but a blank screen. I googled the problem on my phone and found more than one solution. It seems this is a fairly common problem but one totally new to me. I was not able to correct the problem so called our IT guy and am still waiting for a call back. Frustrating? Absolutely! But I am trying to be positive and hope all will be solved later today. 

Which brings me to today’s topic. Perfectly positive writers. 

It’s far from easy to push the positive button day in and day out.  Writers need to work at doing that, need to develop the habit. 

When a rejection arrives, we feel disappointed, hurt, maybe angry. Give yourself a short time to get through that and search for the positives. Was it a lesson? Can you put it behind you and move on? 

Do you start a new writing project with a positive attitude? More importantly, can you maintain that positive outlook as you progress? If you begin thinking negative thoughts about the outcome, you’ll think yourself right into failure.  

A while back, I suggested you look in the mirror and practice saying ‘I am a writer.’ Do it again but this time day ‘I am a good writer.’  Do it often enough, an you’ll start to believe it. 
If you start believing in yourself, you might become that perfectly positive writer. 

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